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Family Promise of Athens provides services for families with children. Please call (706) 425 1881 for finacial assistance. Landlords please contact ACCGOV (706) 613 3155 for questions/concerns

Eviction Prevention Program

On December 7, 2021 Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission awarded Athenian First Development Corporation, Inc. (AFDC, Inc.) a contract to administer the Eviction Prevention Program (EPP).  The program provides negotiated rental arrears to those eligible households facing eviction and past due utilities assistance.  AFDC, Inc. works closely with the Magistrate Court and attends eviction hearings weekly and is available to speak to those seeking assistance.  The Eviction Prevention Program is funded by Local Fiscal Recovery Funds the county received from the American Rescue Plan Act and program benefits differ from the state's Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  Our program differs in that it only covers rental arrears and not future rental payments.  Therefore, if you qualify for our program but need assistance with future rental payment, we recommend that you also apply to the Georgia Rental Assistance program administered by Georgia Department of Community Affairs. 


To be Eligible for the program you must:

  1. You must reside in Athens-Clarke County.

  2. Have a direct or indirect financial impact due to COVID-19 (after March 13, 2020).

  3. All household income must be 80% or less of AMI (see income chart below).

    4. There must be an active (unexpired) lease. 

    5. Tenant must pay future rent as required by the lease.

The Eviction Prevention Program does not pay late fees, interest accrual, or court filing fees as part of the program.  Rental arrears or utilities expenses incurred more than 12 months prior to date of application are excluded from consideration for payment. 

If you feel you meet the elgibility, please click the link below to submit the application

​If you have question, please contact us for details at 706-395-7652 ext 104.


 The Eviction Prevention Program Team

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EPP Coordinator

Vanessa Gary-Johnson brings a high level of expertise in the legal field for AFDC and will manage the Eviction Prevention Program. AFDC is extremely thankful for her dedication to the work.

Contact Vanessa at: 706 395 7652 ext 103


"Building a Better Tomorrow"

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Evelyn Gary

Intake Assessor

Evelyn Gary implments her customer communication skill set to assist clients with the necessary information and documents to assist tenants and property managers for this program.

Contact Evelyn at 706 395 7652 ext 104


"Building a Better Tomorrow"


Tenant Documents

  • Income Verification

               Tax Return

               Pay Stubs                                                          Unemployment Statement 

              Income Attestation

             Proof of Identification

  • Attestation of impact(s) of COVID-19

  • Proof of housing instability 

              Late notice

             Eviction notice​

  • Utility Assistance – utility bills with EPP applicant’s name and property address. Utility bill should identify current charges due and pass due charges.


Landlord Documents

  • Form W-9

  • Landlord proof of ownership/PropertyManagement Agreement/POW

  • Tenant’s written lease

  • Account Statement for specified period

        requested. Statement should identify

        rent amount, late fee, utilities charged,

        and payments posted

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